• Long-term loyalty, which outperforms our competitors
• 100% European company with worldwide exposure
• Cost-effective solutions for customers
• 24/7 service availability
• Professional and highly competent staff
• Quick and easy payment options
• Dedicated account managers
• Easy payment terms in long-term contracts and work
• Commitment to environment-friendliness
• Systematic and analytical approach to CRM

•Four blending capacities
•Desired blending concentration up to 50%
•All blending parts made of stainless steel
•Capability to dilute concentrated liquid urea
•Less than 15kW power consumption
•Online monitoring and remote assistance
•Stainless steel hopper
•Blends 32,5% solution
•Small SKID footprint
•Total weight under 3,000Kg
•Siemens PLC technology
•Fits in a 20’ and 40’ container
•Inline refractometer for constant monitoring and auto-regulation

                                                      With AUS-32                                                 

                              Without AUS-32