Full Automated Water Saving Mode

• Our RO System is CE certified according to MDD (Medical Device Directive) 93/42 / EEC Annex II.
• EMC and LVD Certified according to EN 60601-1
• Our RO System is managed by PLC microprocessor and has 7 "Touch Screen.


Our system includes one or more pure water tanks made of polyethylene with a capacity of 2000 liters. Raw
Water fills these tanks. When the tanks are full, the 'Level Controller' stops the flow of mains water

Our booster system is made of a material that does not spoil the quality of the pure water coming out of the raw water tank and there is a pressurization system suitable for the whole system. Pressurization system is a linear water pressurization system with a Stainless Steel Vertical Body, national pump and 50 Liter Expansion Tank.


Our duplex activated carbon filter system has two digitally featured automation heads with adjustable time
control and adjustable backwash feature. The system has NSF Approved Carbon and two FRP tanks with NSF


Our duplex water softening system has two automation heads with adjustable time controlled digital feature
and adjustable backwash feature. There are two NSF certified Cationic resin and NSF certified FRP tanks in the system.


• Our RO System is CE certified according to MDD (Medical Device Directive) 93/42 / EEC Annex II.
• EMC and LVD Certified according to EN 60601-1
• Our RO System is managed by PLC microprocessor and has 7 "Touch Screen.


A storage tank with Microbiological Contamination Risk is not used in our RO system. The system directly feeds the Hemodialysis Circulation Loop. We call this system, which is connected directly to the circulation loop without a permeate water stock tank, as ONLINE Hemodialysis Water Purification System. (Our RO system
designed to use in OFFLINE system too.)

One of the unique features of our RO System is its environmental friendliness; Thanks to the buffer tank that we have installed in the system, the excess pure water consisting of Hemodialysis Circulation Loop is fed back to our RO device, thus saving the amount of waste water. In addition, the said water saving amount can be monitored as a percentage on the device screen. This feature of our device is an extension of our environmental awareness in our world where our water resources are decreasing day by day.

There are 2pcs PT100 precision THERMO COUPLES with 4-20mA at the buffer tank and permeate water outlet of our RO system. These values can be followed and recorded on the screen of our device. Thus, when the temperature value of the water sent to the circulation loop exceeds the predetermined values, the PLC
microprocessor stops the operation of our RO device and warns the user.

Our RO System has an Automatic DISINFECTION MODE feature. After the disinfectant is added, when the disinfection button on the touch screen is pressed, the system is automatically disinfected and then rinsed. After the process is over, the user is warned to perform a residue test.

Our RO System has SAFE MODE program. This feature ensures that the entire system remains active without re-disinfection in the absence of any patient. When our RO System is put into safe mode, it runs as programmed in active state with time adjusted, it waits again. Thus, when patients arrive, the need to re-disinfect the whole system with the disinfection mode is elimanated.

  • If RO System does not work within 3 weeks without SAFE MODE, PLC Microprocessor can not allow starting RO system and warned Disinfection
  • In the hemodialysis Water Purification process, all important parameters are recorded by the PLC

• During the operation of our RO System or at any time, critical parameters can be printed out from the MICRO PRINTER integrated into the system. This feature has been developed to assist in the filing of quality control and traceability parameters.
• Our RO System has a first class Stainless GRUNDFOS Brand high pressure pump.
• There are 3 DIGITAL FLOW METERS in our RO system. Production and waste water quantities are measured with a digital flowmeter. Water flow rates can be adjusted with a stainless needle valve. These flow rates can be monitored on the touch screen of our RO Unit. Mechanical flowmeters open to human error are not used in our systems.
• Circulation Loop pressure (Dialysis Machines Ring pressure), RO Membrane inlet pressure, RO Water inlet
pressure are monitored digitally with pressure sensors on the touch screen. When the pressure values exceeded, the PLC microprocessor stops the system and the cause of the error is displayed on the screen. Manual manometers that are open to human error are not used in our systems.
• Our RO System has two TDS MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS with 4-20mA output. The production water TDS value produced by our RO System and the TDS value entering the RO System can be monitored on the touch screen.
• In our RO System, 2 high quality Solenoid Valves are used in order to ensure the healthy operation of the system for many years. PLC Microprocessor manages these valves in full control.
• System errors can be monitored on the screen and the user is warned audibly and visually.
• It is very important that THE PRESSURE OF THE WATER RETURNING IN THE CIRCULATION LOOP is constant. In this context, there is a very special 316 QUALITY STAINLESS RELIEF VALVE integrated into our device. The relief valve closes the flow within the line if the pressure in the line falls below the predetermined value, and when the pressure in the line rises above the predetermined value, it directs the flow to the buffer tank.